N6ICW Repeater System

Chris Huber

145.150 - MHz
    Lake Tahoe    
        147.195 + MHz

       146.940 - MHz
        W6ECE Chico

IRLP Node # 7650................................................. Pl 123.0

  ....Hello fellow Ham Radio Operators and welcome to the N6ICW Repeater home page. This page has been developed as a means to provide some background and information about the 147.195+ and 145.150- repeater systems serving the Sacramento Valley and Lake Tahoe regions and the W6ECE 146.940-  repeater serving the north valley from the Sutter Buttes to Anderson..

  ...The system information section provides details with technical description with a block diagram, some background history of the system, and list of nets. There are coverage maps  with a local and regional view. Also included are photos of the system from antennas, equipment, and site shots. IRLP is the latest in repeater linking with systems around the country and the world. Finally there is the link page providing local radio clubs webs, resources, public safety, and government pages.

  I hope you find this informative and would appreciate any feedback.


Please note your name and call sign, that way we know who made the donation. Thanks for the help from the N6ICW crew.


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  July 19, 2020

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