N6ICW Digital Voice IDs


145.150 MHz

147.195 MHz

Rush Limbaugh ID , after he went national. (93k wave)

Rush Limbaugh ID, Liberal. (MP3)

Elmer Fud. (MP3)

W C Fields. (MP3)

Heat Of Sacramento. (MP3)

N6ICW errrrr. (MP3)

Jimmy Stewart. (MP3)

Joe Cuganoney. (MP3)

My Oh My. (MP3)

NA6M. (MP3)

Race Track. (MP3)

Rush Limbaugh ID Short. (MP3)

911 call of hold up and shooting of KD6RKL, 9/25/1995 (MP3)

911 call for hit and run on I80 near Gold Run, 2/23/2012  (MP3)

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