N6ICW Repeater Association

Jim Pearce, N6ESV, Administrator


 ...... A small number of dedicated people spend a great deal of time, and their own funds, to make the N6ICW repeater system function well for the Amateur Radio operators in the Sacramento Valley and the Tahoe basin. The 7.195 repeater is used for emergency services by the Sacramento Amateur Radio Emergency Service (RACES), Sacramento Valley Section ARES and the Red Cross, and the State agencies during times of major emergencies. It is also used for public service events such as March of Dimes WalkAmerica, Eppie's Great Race, the California International Marathon, and a variety of walk-athons and bike-athons.

  .......The N6ICW Repeater Association is a loosely organized group of Amateurs who believe Chris and his technician friends shouldn't bear all the cost of maintaining a system we all enjoy using. We contribute $25.00 annually toward the repeater expenses, and in return get the gratitude of Chris and the envy of all other Amateur Radio Operators (not everyone can say, "I'm a member of the N6ICW Repeater Association.")

 ..........The Association has no say in the operation of the repeater (we do individually tell Chris what we think). Unlike club repeaters, with the constant bickering over what's going on, Chris runs the 7.195 system the way he wants to, and that's fine with all of us.

 ......... We have occasionally published a newsletter and roster of members. With the website, we probably won't publish a newsletter again, but we may put a membership list on the website.

  ..........If you're interested in joining the Association (contributing to the repeater fund), either contact me, or simply send off a check for $25.00 made out to Jim Pearce (Chris keeps the repeater account in my name) please indicate the N6ICW repeater fund as a comment on the check.

..........PayPal is a good an easy way to donate. Please note your name and call sign, that way we know who made the donation. Thanks for the help from the N6ICW crew.

Jim Pearce, N6ESV

4104 Earnscliff Ave.

Fair Oaks, Ca. 95628




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